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About us

Vratislavia Medica is a fast way to health and fitness

The Spine Surgery Centre at the Vratislavia Medica hospital was established for all those who are affected by diseases and strong disorders of the spine that prevent them from functioning normally. Thanks to the use of advanced medical technology, we provide our patients with solutions which allow them to recover immediately after the procedure and the pain and discomfort which accompanied them disappear.

In the Vratislavia Medica hospital procedures are performed by neurosurgery specialists who have over a dozen years of experience in performing spinal surgery using minimally invasive and classic techniques. The choice of treatment method is determined individually for each patient and depends on many factors, including the advancement of the disease, the presence of comorbidities and individual physical conditions of the patient. All treatments are carried out in a comfortable and safe environment. We also provide our patients with access to specialist physiotherapy and a wide range of physical treatments that will significantly shorten the period of recovery.

The heart of our hospital is the operating theatre, which is equipped with high-class medical apparatus allowing us to perform a wide range of surgical procedures, including a state-of-the-art endoscope and microscope for spinal surgery, a C-arm, a first-class sterilisation room integrated with the T-DOC system, a filter system with full air conditioning and laminar air supply.

The health of the patients is supervised by a medical team consisting of neurosurgery specialists, an anaesthetist, scrub nurses, an anaesthesia nurse, ward nurses, physiotherapists and an individual patient coordinator.

Your health, safety and comfort are our top priority!


Associate Professor
Grzegorz Miękisiak, MD, Ph.D.


Maciej Miś, MD, Ph.D.


Krzysztof Chmielak, MD


Dariusz Podgórski, MD


Paweł Antczak, MD