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Don’t ignore the ailment, end the pain and get back to full fitness.

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Vratislavia Medica is a fast way to health and fitness

The Vratislavia Medica hospital is one of the most modern medical centres performing spinal surgery in Lower Silesia. In our everyday work we use innovative and modern methods of treatment which enable patients to quickly return to their former fitness and everyday activity. Our medical team consisting of neurosurgeons, anaesthesiologists, medical rehabilitation doctors, physiotherapists, scrub nurses and nurses will take care of your health, safety and comfort during your stay in Vratislavia Medica.

Your health, safety and comfort are our top priority!


At the Vratislavia Medica hospital we use innovative and minimally invasive surgical techniques for spinal diseases.
The method of treatment is determined individually during consultation with the neurosurgeon.
Endoscopic surgery
of the lumbar spine

An innovative and minimally invasive method of treating spine diseases.

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One of the most frequently performed minimally invasive procedures used in the treatment of spinal discopathy.

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An alternative to surgical treatment of cervical and lumbar discopathy.

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When should you see a specialist?

If you are experiencing problems with your spine and/or limbs, do not underestimate the problem and make an appointment for a consultation with a neurosurgeon who will choose the right treatment method for you.

The process of your recovery and regaining physical fitness

Our specialists will select the appropriate treatment method to suit your condition and individual circumstances.

Consultation with a doctor
Bring your medical records related to your current complaints (NMR, X-ray, CT) with you to the consultation. Based on imaging examinations and medical history, the doctor will suggest a treatment method.
Conservative treatment
The first stage of treatment is usually the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs and the implementation of physiotherapy (including manual therapy and physical therapy).
Surgical treatment
If conservative treatment fails to improve and you continue to experience discomfort, your doctor may decide to perform surgery. In our hospital, procedures are performed using modern minimally invasive techniques.
Postoperative physiotherapy
Depending on the extent of the degenerative changes in the spine and the surgical method, the doctor may recommend the implementation of physiotherapy after surgery to speed up the postoperative recovery process.
Getting back to being active
Remember to lead a healthy lifestyle and care for the strengthening of your spinal muscles as recommended by your doctor, so that your complaints never return.

Why Vratislavia Medica?

Find out why you should benefit from spinal surgery at Vratislavia Medica:

See what our patients say

When I sought help from Prof. Grzegorz Mięksiak, severe pain and problems with walking had accompanied me for 4 months. Physiotherapy did not bring relief. The constant pain made it impossible for me to function normally and I had to suspend my work. During the consultation, the professor reviewed the MRI result, interviewed me in detail and suggested surgical treatment – microdiscectomy. The procedure was carried out within 4 days of the consultation. The hospital admission procedures and surgery went quickly and smoothly! After the procedure I was on my feet within...., the same day I was able to walk down the corridor WITHOUT PAIN, it was a shock to me. Within a day the pain was gone and I didn't need to support myself with painkillers. I would recommend Professor Miękisiak's treatment to everyone!
Professor is a true specialist in his field, and explained to me in detail the cause of my problems and explained the proposed method of treatment – microdiscectomy. The procedure was performed very quickly – 5 days after the consultation. On the second day after the procedure I no longer felt any discomfort from my spine, just minimal pulling at the wound. I highly recommend placing yourself in the hands of the Professor who is a kind, professional and committed specialist, dispelling all doubts without rushing. The hospital building itself and the whole team makes a great and positive impression, you can see that this is a place of recovery.
I am a patient of Doctor Dariusz Podgórski whom I sincerely recommend. After seeing my MRI results, Doctor Podgórski explained to me in great detail what the problem with my spine was and suggested a modern and minimally invasive treatment method, the nucleoplasty procedure. The procedure was carried out within 2 weeks of the consultation. I was able to return home the same day after the procedure. The doctor inspires confidence and is very knowledgeable. I recommend him to everyone.

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